Jungle Lodge

we offer packages from 2 days / 1 nights up to 4days / 3 nights
transfer from and to hotel or airport included
all meals and drinking water included


We have rustic wooden rooms with fan and private bathroom. The beds are comfortable with mosquito nets, but there are very few mosquitoes all year long.


Included tours:
•Motorised canoe tour of the flooded forest during the flood/sunset period (Duration 02 hrs) note: during the dry season motorised canoe tour of Lake Acajatuba/sunset (Duration 2 hrs)
•Alligator spotting (Duration 2:00hrs)
•Visit to the fishermen's bar (Caipirinhas Night)
•Jungle hike with the topics of natural medicine, survival in the jungle and sustainable bioeconomy (Duration: 02:00 hrs)
•Motorised canoe tour and swimming with pink dolphins (duration 2 hrs)
•Visit to a Cabloco house with a presentation of the manioc (Cassava) house. (01:30)
• Piranha fishing (starting from 3 days/ 2 nights)
•Sunset with a swim in the river (duration 02:00hrs) (starting from 4 days/ 3 nights)
•Motorised canoe tour and visit to the Banias indigenous tribe (duration 02hrs) (starting from 4 days/ 3 nights)
•Tour of the Aria├║ river channel with observation of fauna and flora (starting from 4 days/ 3 nights)


Caiman Lodge in the São Tomé community


in the lodge

in the lodge

Meals in the restaurant


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