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we offer you the complete solution for traveling in the Amazon, transfer from and to airport, hotel or restaurant, citytours according on your interrest (historical or scientific), excursions de halfday trips up to 14 days boat tours, Junglesurvival tours, visits to indigenous people, etc. 

Jungle Lodge 
2 to 4 days package

swimming with 
Pink Dolphins

Indigenous people 

Nightlife Tour

by Boat 
Half day 
Full day

Boat tours 
over night excursions 
up to 14 days 

Jungle survival 
Canoe tours


About us

What we provide is Community based tourism. We want to support communities through tourism activities, and offer tourists an authentic local experience. With a new income from tourism, local people have the opportunity to stop deforestation and burning of the rainforest and start projects to reforest destroyed areas. The Amazon makes its own weather by generating some of its own rainfall and keeping itself cool while stabilising regional temperatures. Add that to the amount of greenhouse gases the biomass stores and you have a natural climate protector. The Amazon rainforest is the key to protecting the Earth from the harmful effects of climate change. 


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